Our Story

A Simple, Childhood Dream Became Reality

"From Peach Cobblers to Peachez Eatery"

As a young child, I watched my mother juggle multiple jobs to make ends meet. Between jobs, she baked peach cobblers and became known as the “Peach Cobbler Lady” in our hometown of Denver, Colorado. 


Back then, I hated peach cobbler and the clean-up process, which was my contribution! Little did I know that dreaded duty would grow into a passion that would inspire me to want to become a chef.  Tagging along with my mother in the kitchen, I concocted a whole dream of us opening a restaurant called “Church Ladies,” where I would sell her renowned peach cobblers!

I soon realized that my dream did not align with her expectations for me! She made it clear that she had not worked multiple jobs “just for me to become a cook,” so I conceded. I pursed a degree in Mathematics and Geology and worked as a Field Geologist and Engineer, traveling throughout the country, working on offshore platforms and land rigs.  There, I found a comforting way to cure my homesickness—cooking Sunday dinners for the crews of “roughnecks”.  There, I had, not only honest taste testers, but I was able to gain worldly influence in “homestyle cooking” methodologies from the diverse crewmembers who taste tested my Sunday creations.


Of course, my passion flourished, and once I started working an office position.  With a little encouragement from supporters within my company, I pursued my catering and event planning business.  In 2010, I became the proud owner of Stress Less Catering and hosted over 3,000 employees and families at our annual charity event for The United Way. 


Over time, and with a lot of work, we have grown to a full-service catering force in the Houston area.  We recently adopted a new name to honor my journey, my best friend, and my roots–Peachez Eatery.    We have a solid client base who enjoy our delicious menu offerings, convenience, professionalism, and of course, my mother’s famous peach cobbler!   


We are excited to unveil our newest addition to our massive offerings—our very own line of pancake and waffle mix! After all, why stop at my mother’s peach cobbler?   Why not share the waffles with everyone. . . and see where this journey takes us? Thank you for sharing in our growth and success.


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Don’t take our word for it! Listen to what’s being said about our mouth-watering food:
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